The all-in-one marketing system to capture buyer and seller leads, and convert those leads to deals, that put more money in your pocket.

Increase Business Credibility | Capture More Leads | Close More Deals

 Choose an Investor-Buyer, Motivated-Seller or Company Credibility Lead Funnel Site

 - Or Any Combination of the 3!

Investor-Buyer Lead Funnel Site

If you're serious about your business, you need a website to display properties you have available, and automation in place to add people to your buyers list when they visit your site. Our Investor Buyer Sites do this and so much more! 


Motivated-Seller Lead Funnel Site

People looking to sell their homes want to ensure they're dealing with a company they can trust. Your website is your first impression with sellers. Our Motivated Seller Sites will help you build credibility, collect seller details, and notify you in order to act quickly. 


Company-Credibility Lead Funnel Site

Where should you send people who aren't looking to buy or sell homes, but want to learn about your company before doing business (i.e. vendors and private lenders)? Our Company Credibility Sites build your brand and include features to capture leads. 


Here's What's Included With Each
Real Estate Lead Funnel Site


All Real Estate Lead Funnels are Built on Kartra - The #1 All-in-One Marketing Platform For Those Who Take Leads And Conversions Seriously


Set Your Site Apart

Websites are fully customizable to ensure no two sites look alike, and your brand stands apart from your competitors in the minds of customers. 

Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms for sellers to provide property details for easy follow up, and opt-in forms to add people to your buyer's list 24/7 with all of their purchase criteria.

Organize Your Leads

Build your real estate leads, prospects and customers database. Organize them in groups via lists and custom tags based on their details they provide.

Live Chat Response

Quickly respond to buyers and sellers in real time to greatly increase leads and closed deals. Live chat lets you strike while visitors are on your site - before your competitors.

Email/SMS Marketing

Create both live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns to communicate and engage with your buyers and sellers so you stay top of mind.

Calendar Scheduling

 Register and organize meetings and calls with your buyers and sellers from within one integrated dashboard to make scheduling a breeze. 

Instant Notifications

Automatic notification when a seller fills out a form with property details or investor provides buying criteria so you can act quickly - since time kills deals.

Credibility Tools

Host and display testimonial videos  to show sellers why they should work with you. Drag and drop social share tools on your website for social proof. 


Customer Analytics

All your analytics in one place. Know who opened your emails, filled out your forms, and interacted on your websites. You can't improve what you don't measure.

User Friendly Pages

Easy drag-and-drop page builder makes it very easy to update text, pictures, and listings. Builder provides ultimate flexibility and 100% mobile optimized pages.

Host Multiple Sites

Host all your websites on one reliable all-inclusive cloud based software. Even if you need additional sites (i.e. single page listings, company sites, personal sites).

No WordPress Woes

WordPress is free but you pay a price in time and hassle. (1) not user-friendly; (2) must keep plugins updated, (3) security issues. But Kartra solves all those issues.

Every feature listed is designed to help you increase credibility, capture more leads, and increase your conversion of those leads to closed deals. 

Here's What Some of Our Customers
Say About Us...

I’ve been counting on Ryan and his team for websites, SEO and social media for our organization for the past couple of years.


His company does great work and they stand behind their product, which is critical to me. Whenever our members need online marketing services, I send them straight to his company, no questions asked.




Vickie Perry

Executive Director

Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association (CIREIA)

I’ve been working with Ryan Johnson for the past couple of years. He’s done a phenomenal job building our websites as well as being a mentor when it comes to lead generation and SEO. Ryan and his team have been accessible and he’s been a great partner for us. 


I’m more focused on the investment side of things, so I’m not good when it comes to SEO. But having a partner like Ryan and his team has been very helpful. I recommend him to anyone that is thinking of building a website. But not only building a website - also building your business when it comes to lead generation.

Sterling Davis


Ethosity Property Management & Invest First Realty

Our Easy Step-By-Step Process

  • STEP 1

    Select one of the packages shown below

    You can choose any combination of 1, 2 or 3 Real Estate Lead Funnels. After completing payment you'll receive an email with access to the Members Area. 

  • STEP 2

    Complete the customization forms

    Once you're in the members area you'll see step-by-step instructions to complete the customization form for your Lead Funnels. Completing the forms gives us the info we need to set up your Lead Funnels and make your sites unique. 

  • STEP 3

    Let us get to work

    Once you submit your customization form we'll get to work on your Lead Funnels based on the options you choose on the form. Once we're done we'll email you instructions to access your new Real Estate Funnel Sites. 

  • STEP 4

    Point and click to add your content

    Once we've delivered your sites to you, you can login to the user-friendly back end to add your listings, pictures, text, etc. Don't have the time to write the text for your sites yourself? No problem! We provide an optional service where we'll write it for your. Email us for details.

  • STEP 5

    Start capturing and converting leads

    Now comes the fun part! Make your finished Lead Funnels live so you can start capturing leads and using the built-in features to help convert those leads to deals. Want to increase the visibility of your Lead Funnels and drive more traffic to your sites? We've got you covered. We provide SEO and social media management services. Email us for details. 


Choose the Real Estate Funnel Package That Works Best for Your Business

Real Estate Lead Funnels are built on the Kartra platform. Your Kartra subscription, which includes all features mentioned above, is $99/mo. We'll help you set up your account during our Lead Funnel customization process. 

*Save $99 by purchasing 2 sites

1 Custom Lead Funnel Site

1 custom website: Choose between a buyer, seller, or company website

- Or choose our payment plan - 

Then $99/month for Kartra subscription which includes hosting


Save $99 by purchasing 2 sites!

2 Custom Lead Funnel Sites

2 custom websites: Choose between a buyer, seller, or company website

- Or choose our payment plan - 

Then $99/month for Kartra subscription which includes hosting

Save $198 by purchasing 3 sites!

3 Custom Lead Funnel Sites

3 custom websites: You'll receive a buyer, seller, and company website

- Or choose our payment plan - 

Then $99/month for Kartra subscription which includes hosting

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

We stand behind our products and your success is our #1 goal. If you're not satisfied let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your set up fee. 

Ryan Johnson, Founder of Better Your Best Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the sites, and the set up fee is super affordable. Buy why do I have to pay a $99/month?

Do you offer payment plans?

Do I have to write the text for my websites once you set them up?

I'm super busy, (and also a bit tech challenged). Do you have a done-for-you service to help me customize my real estate lead funnel sites?

What if I run into challenges once my sites are set up? 

Do all the websites look the same? 

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